wellness therapy

Wellness is the active process of making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Evolve Integrated Wellness offers therapeutic massage therapy, traditional Thai massage therapy, and tuning fork acupressure therapy, to help you maintain a state of wellness.

integrated massage training

Grow your massage therapy knowledge with Evolve Integrated Massage Training! Evolve is an NCBTMB approved continuing education provider of integrated massage therapy training through live and online course offerings.


Learn…heal…flourish with evolve

Achieve Wellness

Evolve Integrated Wellness takes a holistic, multi-modality approach to wellness therapy. Modalities include therapeutic massage therapy, traditional Thai massage, and tuning fork acupressure with a focus on treating the root cause and not just the pain. Services are designed to maximize your well-being and ultimately to thrive.

Grow your Knowledge

Evolve Integrated Massage Training offers engaging online and live courses to help you grow and flourish as a massage therapist. Courses are rooted in Swedish, Thai, Orthopedic, and Osteopathic disciplines. The content goes beyond just showing you techniques to teaching you the why and what behind each technique.

Be Your Best You!

Whether supporting your wellness journey or advancing your massage therapy career, evolve can help you.


Online and live courses to learn new skills to help your clients and expand your potential.


Wellness therapy sessions combining a variety of modalities to provide an integrated approach to maintaining your health and wellness.


Live your full potential as a wellness client or as a massage therapist.